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    A more effective and sustainable solution for growers
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    A natural pathway to improved weed control
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    TraitSpray RNAi
    Naturally enable traits topically when GMO isn't an option.
  • Trillium Ag is a bio-agriculture company developing innovative crop solutions.

Trillium Ag. New Traits, New Topicals

Trillium is engineering the next-generation of biologicals: the AgrisomeTM platform.

Like many in agriculture, Trillium Ag firmly believes that all agriculture products should be safe, sustainable, and effective- especially crop protection products. Can biological solutions replace some of the most problematic chemicals in agriculture?

In the past, this has not been possible. Biological solutions, like dsRNA, are unstable and perform poorly compared to synthetic alternatives. Attempts to improve biologicals using lipids, have only resulted in additional costs and lack of bioavailability control. Even seed traits, that have been the gold-standard in biologicals, have been challenged by the onset of resistance and are now putting tens of billions of dollars of crops at risk. A new solution is needed!

Trillium Ag seeks to provide the new gold-standard biological that is as equally effective as seed traits as it is as biological topicals- with a first-of-its-kind solution to for biologicals in agriculture. Through the use of cell-engineering, Trillium Ag is uniquely solving the challenge of sustainable, naturally-derived multi-modal crop protection products that are as effective, deliverable and scalable as the synthetic chemicals they replace. We have created a new class of biological nanoparticles made of natural materials to solve the challenges of delivery, efficacy and scalability that have hindered the past success of biologicals in agriculture. We call this new class of biologicals Agrisomes.

Using our exclusive platform to target and activate a pest or plant’s own naturally occurring processes, Trillium Ag has demonstrated efficacy in weed and insect, in both in vitro and in vivo models. These results have the potential to unlock a more safe and sustainable approach to farming—and vast new market opportunities within our industry as a replacement of synthetic chemicals as well as new methodology for seed traits.

Our flagship product candidates include both topical and plant trait agrisomeTM products that target the most difficult pests of major crops. Several other products are in R&D phases at our laboratory in Seattle, the biotechnology hub of the Northwest. With our exclusive intellectual property in RNAi and delivery, we are currently in collaboration with leading commercial and academic partners across the globe.

In our lab...

Next generation bio-pesticide using MV-RNA targeting Western Corn Rootworm

AgrisomeTM: a novel biological platform for agriculture

Agrisomes are exosome-like biologicals engineered with RNA, proteins and phospholipids for synthetic-free agriculture- equally suitable for seed traits or topicals.

agrisome agrisome overview

agrisome types

A Growing Product Development Portfolio

Projects Underway
Plant Targets
Insect Targets
Nanoparticle Library

Solving the biggest problems in crop protection takes new technology and open collaboration.

The AgrisomeTM platform is potent combination of RNAi and protein engineered to target specific insects, plants, and fungi- and it's available to researchers worldwide.

Working internally and with partnering academic and commercial collaborators, Trillium Ag is advancing a pipeline of TraitSpray and/or AgrisomeTM Trait product candidates. Please check this section for announcements of our flagship products.

Plant trait & TraitSpray Agrisomes
Western Corn Rootworm
TraitSpray Agrisomes
Palmer Amaranth
Plant trait & TraitSpray Agrisomes
Plant trait & TraitSpray Agrisomes
Fall armyworm
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Glyphosate resistance of Palmer Amaranth

  • Palmer Amaranth could threaten 50% of US crops by 2020.

    - A new breed of RNAi Nanoparticles could be the solution -
  • Palmer Amaranth is becoming Glyphosate resistant at an alarming rate.

    - TraitSpray enables glyphosate dilutions against resistant weeds -
  • Targeting Palmer Amaranth with a stacked spectrum RNAi Nanoparticles.

    - Future bio-herbicides will replace reliance on chemical herbicides -

Meet the Meet Our Team

Experienced Scientists and Explorers in RNAi and Bio-agriculture

Trillium Ag is led by a team of scientists and professionals who were early pioneers in the field of RNA interference, years before this breakthrough discovery was awarded the Nobel Prize. Key members are among the first to have worked with RNAi in agriculture, while others developed biotech’s original RNAi sequence design and target optimization software. Today, our team is at the forefront of scientific exploration in bio-agriculture, working to develop better and more sustainable options for the success of growers worldwide.

A new class of RNAi, a new platform of biologicals for agriculture.


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